The Canadian Club of Edmonton
Promoting Canadian Unity and
Fostering Interest in our Country

Becoming a Member

Canadian Clubs are organizations consisting of engaged Canadians who are interested in the activities of their country and its future.

We promote Canadian identity, encourage Canadian unity, and foster interest in Canadian institutions. We support local events, special celebrations and anniversaries relating to Canadian unity, citizenship, and heritage.


The first Club was founded in 1893 in Hamilton by a group of leading Canadian citizens who worried about the lack of patriotism in the country at that time. Canada seemed to have a lack of direction of its own. Sir John A. Macdonald had passed away and the young country struggled with four Prime Ministers in five years. Railway expansion had slowed, the economy was in the doldrums and there was little agreement on Canada’s future. The needed injection of patriotism came from Charles McCullough and his group of friends who formed the first Canadian Club. Since the concept seemed rational, Canadian Clubs were soon organized from coast to coast.
The Association of Canadian Clubs was chartered by an Act of Parliament in 1939.